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Will Tanning Beds Help Psoriasis

Title of Lecture
Cure Psoriasis | Treat Psoriasis

Title of Lecture

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Common childhood skin problems

: Name of Lecturer:

梁守中 ) DR. RONALD LEUNG (Liang Shou-zhong)

: Qualifications:

MB BS (Lond), Dip Derm (Lond), Dip Ven (Las), MRCP (UK), FRCP (Lond.), FHKCP, FHKAM (Medicine)

: Profession:


: Type of Prac tice:

Private Practice

: Appointment Title:

Honorary Clinical Associate Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong (1989 - present)

: Other Titles:

- Chairman, Hong Kong Society of Dermatology & Venereology (1993-95)

- Honorary Secretary, Asian Dermatologica l Association (1993-96)

- Hon. Advisor, Fungal Research Centre, Chung Shan Medical College, PRC (1993-96)

- Vice Chairman, Hong Kong Society of Physicians (1993-94)

- Member & External Examiner, Subspecialty Board in Dermatology, HKCP

- Hon. Consultant, Dermatological Laser Centre, HK Adventist Hospital

: Publications:

1. Aplasia Cutis Congenita, Br J Derm (1988)

2. Immunohistochemical study of etretinate on - Keratin expression on psoriatic Skin, Br J Derm


3. Neutrophil Zinc levels in psoriasis & seborrheoic dermatitis, Br J Dermatol (1990)

4. Principle and Ap plication of Laser in Dermatology HK Pract (1994)

5. Hypertrophic Parakeratosis treated with Etretinate. Retinoid (1988)

Common childhood skin problems

醫生 Dr. Liang Shouzhong

First recorded in 1997

To discuss with you today "common childhood skin problems", the general family medicine problems about ten percent have problems with the skin, so the skin is very common. The most common skin disease, such as eczema, data in the world tends to rise. 20 個病例與大家討論皮膚病,使大家對皮膚病有更深入的了解。 I hope that after today spoken about 20 cases and discuss skin diseases, skin diseases so that people have a deeper understanding. Often is a chronic skin disease, so the more knowledge on skin diseases, handled better. First, we explain the structure of the skin with: epidermis and dermis skin is divided into two levels above the pigment in the epidermis and horny cells, whereas dermis collagen, blood vessels, nerve tissue, sweat glands and sebaceous glands and so on. We know that the skin overlying the structure is very complicated, there are many different organizations, each case can occur, so a wide variety of skin diseases. Along with everyone saying, "When the skin's function" is the function of the skin of many of the original, first, the skin is to protect the tissues under the skin, can also provide a framework to secure blood vessels under the skin, fat and muscle, etc., the skin also There is a thermal effect, shrink heat up when the temperature is high, the skin blood vessels to expand, along with will help dissipate heat, when the body temperature is reduced, the blood vessels will shrink, reduce our cooling, another role of the skin is also excreted , can be excreted electrolytes, urea, etc. On the skin surface is not a small neurons, we can supply a tactile feeling. Recently, we also found that skin has an immune system function is to help them to resist bacterial infection.

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Weeds, windmills and waste  — Hamilton Spectator
Another staffer sent an email suggesting they could make everyone forget about the contempt of parliament ruling by rolling out a piece of legislation aimed at banning tanning beds for teens. Talk about contempt.

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