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Tanning beds help SAD

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) | Treatment
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Is there a treatment for SAD?

Seasonal affective disorder can be treated in different ways, including light therapy, medication or behavioral therapy. Doctor is likely to want to combine therapies if one does not work.

If you suffer from seasonal affective disorder that begins in the winter and the doctor suggests you try light therapy, you can use a specially designed light box or light visor that is placed on your head like a cap. They sit in front of a light box or light visor used for a certain time each day. Generally, light therapy takes about 30 minutes each day during the fall and winter, when it is more likely to be depressed. Another type of light therapy involves a "dawn simulator" which is a light that is activated by a timer. Is placed in your bedroom to simulate a natural sunrise. The light comes on early in the morning and its brightness increases gradually, allowing your body to wake up naturally, without using the alarm. If light therapy helps, continue to get until enough sunlight is available, usually in the spring. If you leave light therapy very early symptoms may return.

When used properly, light therapy seems to have very few side effects. However, some side effects include eyestrain, headaches, fatigue, irritability and lack of sleep (if light therapy is used too late in the day). Light therapy should be used with caution in people with bipolar disorders, skin sensitive to sunlight or medical conditions that make their eyes vulnerable to damage from sunlight.

Tanning beds should not be used to treat seasonal affective disorder. The light sources tanning beds have high concentration of ultraviolet (UV), which damage the eyes and skin.

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It's hard to believe some doctors

2011-06-22 13:21:37 by breadandbutter

Are sending patients who are depressed or Vitamin D deficient to tanning salons. Tanning beds emmitt UVA light which is stronger and will cause melanin production faster, burn skin faster. UVA is responsible for melanoma. Your body can't manufacture vitamin D from UVA rays.
It's UVB rays that help your body manufacture Vitamin D. These rays are also less damaging.
So if you have SAD or a vitamin D deficient, please just take suplement or sit in the sun.
70% of women who went to tanning salons came down with melanoma, usually 5 years later.

Weeds, windmills and waste  — Hamilton Spectator
Another staffer sent an email suggesting they could make everyone forget about the contempt of parliament ruling by rolling out a piece of legislation aimed at banning tanning beds for teens. Talk about contempt.

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