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Does tanning beds help dry skin

Miami Sun Solarium
Dark Tanning Tip of the Week: Always Moisturize After Tanning

What models and sunbed brand to choose? MIAMI SUN ROOF Why? Solarium Sun chose Miami because we are the leader in Argentina in the tanning service and supports us a history of 18 years in this service.

We have the best tanning beds and facial, we import exclusively from Germany, and a permanent technical service and free dermatology.

No. Our system encourages tanning without causing damage.

Sessions last 15 minutes.

Tan occur gradually, depending on the skin type and intensity of the machine used. Calculated required about 5 to 10 sessions.

Moisturize, use a moisturizing you will help replenish the vitamins and nutrients that are lost during the tanning session, keeping your skin smooth while helping you obtain and maintain the best color.

If it gives you more time tanning and skin hifrata you. These can be obtained in creams, oils or gels.

Dry skin reflects UV rays, if you do not use accelerator or bronzer to tanning bed perdes up to 50% of your tanning results. We recommend using these products in the tanning bed, do not use them for the sun, as it does not have any kind of protection. Solar.

It ranges from 4-5 days because the skin begins to exfoliate naturally

Yes Your skin will already be prepared for natural rays of the sun without going through the pain of burns.

Returning your tan maintainer with 1 or 2 sessions per week.

Yes, your eyes are very sensitive to UV rays, and should not be exposed to these rays while take bed.

We provide you with anteojitos protectors. And if you want to have your own enteojitos can buy in our stores.

Miami Sun Solarium assures excellent personalized care in air conditioned rooms, the most modern equipment and unmatched quality and hygiene.

We have a wide range of fertilizers, with no due dates, and may be used at any of our stores strategically located in Metro Manila.

Only in Miami Sun Solarium find a service that fits your needs.

Always find in our stores the last generation tanning equipment. For all that chose MIAMI SUN ROOF.

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I would suggest tanning before

2005-03-08 15:16:44 by kirstenm2

I just came back from Bermuda and before I went, I hit the tanning beds to get a nice base tan. Needless to say I didnt burn one bit down there, I got such a nice glow and I love it. I dont reccommend tanning in the beds alot but I do before vacations. After my vacations I just keep up a tan with the airbrush tanning. Most of the warnings of cancer and wrinkles will not affect you if you only go a few times. A high percentage of skin cancer patients cause by tanning beds were noted as "frequent tanners". So right before a vaca. will not kill you.

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