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Can tanning Beds help shingles?

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No cure for allergies? They said it: listening to people say can not cure allergies, medication can reduce symptoms, it must often medication do? Long-term medication will not hurt you? ... More

[Sunburn] 1. The use of painkillers such as aspirin, can relieve mild to moderate sunburn redness, itching. (2) prevent sunburn redness in the skin before taking aspirin. 3 wet, with cold water, skim milk, aluminum acetate, oatmeal, witch hazel solution to wet the skin, to prevent dry skin itching or over. 4 bath soak in cold water to vinegar, sodium bicarbonate, etc. soaked, and then pat the skin with a clean towel and wipe the affected area to avoid skin irritation. 5 Use a mild soap and rinse thoroughly. 6 In applying moisturize the skin after a bath lotion. 7 Using fresh aloe vera, directly applied to the affected area can help wound healing, but you should test whether there is an allergic reaction. 8 to live with a cloth ice, deposited in the injured skin, relieve pain, but not the ice direct contact with skin. 9 and drink more water. 10 balanced diet, and should be light. 11 if the legs were sunburned and swollen feet showing, it is best to position the legs carried above the heart, can reduce the discomfort. 12 adequate sleep, can sprinkle talcum powder on the bed, and the bed in order to reduce friction with the skin. 13 if blisters, compared with severe sunburn, if limited in scope, it can be punctured, but do not strip the skin. 14 sunburned skin to three to six months before resumption of normal, so do in a short exposure to the sun. 15 out the door to rub sunscreen, even cloudy versa, after swimming or sweating a lot to remember to re-apply. 16 ten o'clock to three in the afternoon sun power the strongest. 17 If you want to tan skin, the best step by step, slowly extend the exposure time. Back


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Splendyr Splendyr, Anti-Aging mask. One Month Supply
Beauty (Splendyr)
  • Restores glow, radiance, and appearance of skin
  • Provides you with an almost instant facelift
  • Firms, tightens, and tones your skin
  • Anti aging mask
  • Shrink enlarged pores

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I would suggest tanning before

2005-03-08 15:16:44 by kirstenm2

I just came back from Bermuda and before I went, I hit the tanning beds to get a nice base tan. Needless to say I didnt burn one bit down there, I got such a nice glow and I love it. I dont reccommend tanning in the beds alot but I do before vacations. After my vacations I just keep up a tan with the airbrush tanning. Most of the warnings of cancer and wrinkles will not affect you if you only go a few times. A high percentage of skin cancer patients cause by tanning beds were noted as "frequent tanners". So right before a vaca. will not kill you.

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Synergy Tan Synergy Tan Exhalted Warming Tanning Lotion 13.5 Fl Oz
Beauty (Synergy Tan)
  • WARNING: This lotion increases microcirculation which causes an immediate redness and warming sensation of the skin that many people may find uncomfortable.
  • Tan enhancing formula contain aloe vera to soothe and heal your skin
  • Helps to repair sun damage
  • Promotes rapid tanning and prolongs the life of your tan
  • Fragrance: Floral Fragrance

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