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Will tanning beds cause cancer

Whitening beauty girls are not afraid of people get cancer, 3 to frequent tanning


"Love Water fearless runny nose, " said the girl in order to expose the body, dress cool, regardless of the will catch cold, but we are not afraid of the people of Taiwan just a runny nose, American girls are intended to beauty, and even cancer are not afraid of death threats.

In the United States, skin cancer is the most common cancer in the last year alone there are two million Americans get skin cancer, and last year nearly 1, 000 Americans die of skin cancer, while the U.S. research institutions, long ago found America's favorite skin cancer and tanning habits of Americans about.

Let Asians always whitening, what white translucent, the more white the better, because many young girls and even sunscreen too thoroughly, completely no sun to sun, leading to vitamin D deficiency. But naturally very fair-skinned Caucasians, but we envy tan easily, always wanted to work on your tan, no time to the beach every day sunbathing on the fashionable indoor UV tanning.

Studies have shown that 35 years before the indoor tanning UV, will increase the machine get melanoma was 75%, while the 25 years before the indoor tanning UV, will be increased non-melanoma skin cancer machine rate of 102%. Indoor UV tanning and cancer so closely, so why not go tanning do not order yet? But the American girl is still in droves.

The survey found 18-year-old white girl, 44% within a year had gone drying off the skin, 30% frequent tanning, tanning that is more than 10 times per year; while the 18-34 year-old white female, with 25% of skin drying off within a year. Women over the age of 35, tanning to significantly reduce the rate. Experts believe that this may be because young people are usually the consequences of risky behavior that will not happen to them.

Last year, published in the "British Medical Journal" The study shows that tanning United States every year 170, 000 people get non-melanoma skin cancer, if we can discourage tanning, can significantly reduce cases of skin cancer in disease prevention and treatment, difficult to get There are so many single policy can affect the status of cases, therefore, including the United States, including the CDC, many people are very concerned about how to discourage tanning, it was also proposed in the tanning bed to write warnings on cigarette boxes like WARNINGS same.

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I would suggest tanning before

2005-03-08 15:16:44 by kirstenm2

I just came back from Bermuda and before I went, I hit the tanning beds to get a nice base tan. Needless to say I didnt burn one bit down there, I got such a nice glow and I love it. I dont reccommend tanning in the beds alot but I do before vacations. After my vacations I just keep up a tan with the airbrush tanning. Most of the warnings of cancer and wrinkles will not affect you if you only go a few times. A high percentage of skin cancer patients cause by tanning beds were noted as "frequent tanners". So right before a vaca. will not kill you.

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