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Tanning beds causing hives

Treatments: Body - Versa Spa Tanning
Dermatologic Signs of Systemic Disease

Versa Spa Tanning

Versa spa equipment ensures that golden tan, natural and healthy in 30 seconds.

First spa's electronic world that hydrates the skin while you tan without the health risks. counting formulas unique systems and protecting the dermis and react according to the pigmentation of the skin of each person. the magic tan versa spa is present in all world capitals, being the leader in tanning, now in Uberlândia.

The sun is the greatest destroyer of collagen in the skin, releasing free radicals that are responsible for altering dna cell, causing aging skin loses its rigidity, its softness, its luster and could cause even skin cancer .

The magic tan application system was developed with the very latest in technology to the application and cosmetology to their solution self-suntan. The tanning functions for a set of intelligent spray products act on the epidermis, or there is ink (such as jet systems) which may cause spotting or color shades unwanted or emit ultraviolet rays, such as beds Tanning.

The application time of the cab is 30 seconds evenly over the whole body with an instantaneous drying, and results in only one application is a 100% natural tan equivalent to sunny days leaving the skin with a golden color, non-staining and not prevent exposure to the sun (always use sunscreen). Brass depends on the duration of the period of exchange of the skin because the color out as dead cells are renewed.

The Versa Spa offers three types of treatments:

Bronzing - aloe vera, vitamin A, moisturizers, DHA Erytrulose and extracts that act on the skin proteins and amino acids providing a beautiful natural color tan in just one application.

Hydration - Hydration Provides long-acting through natural soothing and restoring skin to its essential oils, among others, as well as polypeptides and revitalizing essential nutrients to the skin.

Superhydration - The formula contains anti-aging complex of liposomes containing various anitoxidantes as vitamin E, vitamin C, ginseng and ginkgo biloba.

Instructions for applying the magic tan:
Waxing, bleaching hair, drainage, massage or dye your hair, it has to be done before tanning. making an exfoliation 1 or 2 days before application, the duration of factor tan. showering with soap before applying neutral. make application with clean skin without cream and makeup, perfume or perspiration. using loose clothing and sandals type hawaianas soon after the procedure. The remaining least 6 to 8 hours without showering. the use of too much chlorine swimming pools, saunas or any type of prolonged immersion causes the tan lasts less time because accelerate the peeling of the skin. the use of oil products in the skin, friction with the hand accelerates exfoliation.

Frequently asked questions:

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Well according to

2010-04-05 16:13:51 by djutrhe

This article, evidence of whether tanning bed use causes some birth defects or is harmful to the baby is inconclusive.
I know personally I wouldn't risk it. As someone of pale nordic descent, I try to avoid any unprotected UV exposure longer than the recommended 15 min/day. Tanning beds emit a UV dose of over 2 to 3 times that of natural light. To me, the potential risk to the baby, and the risk of wrinkles, scarring, and skin cancer to myself, just don't seem worth being a little less pale

The Best of the Area Poll Results Published  — Daily Union
With the same selection as 2012, American Wholesale remained in second, with the Wood Shed, Cambridge staying in third. Best Hair Salon .. Best Tanning Salon — With no changes since last year, readers preferred the beds at Tan-a-Latte in Jefferson.

Synergy Tan Synergy Tan Exhalted Warming Tanning Lotion 13.5 Fl Oz
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  • WARNING: This lotion increases microcirculation which causes an immediate redness and warming sensation of the skin that many people may find uncomfortable.
  • Tan enhancing formula contain aloe vera to soothe and heal your skin
  • Helps to repair sun damage
  • Promotes rapid tanning and prolongs the life of your tan
  • Fragrance: Floral Fragrance

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