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Tanning beds cause melanoma

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[24drs.com] Dec. 20, 2010 - Free sun tanning sprays and product type, often to avoid the sun and the promotion of indoor tanning beds of ultraviolet (UV) approach, but a new study shows, free sun type of tanning is actually more often used in the indoor tanning salon. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Naples Kelvin Choi, PhD, researcher says its results suggest that both men and women, with these two methods are designed to look like a tan.

This published in the December issue of Dermatology Chi (Archives of Dermatology) The new report also shows that women are more likely to use indoor tanning equipment, and most people do not know to avoid using tanning beds can reduce their risk of skin cancer .

Even in the era of economic recession, the indoor tanning industry is still booming economy. According to the new study cited data, its annual revenue of over 50 billion dollars, annually attracts more than 30 million people. Since July 1, 2010, the rate of 10% of indoor tanning effect.

[Sunscreen spray users will use tanning beds]
Dr. Choi, who analyzed a 2005 study, 2, 869 subjects were 18-64 years old answered questions about lifestyle and indoor tanning habits questionnaire, 18.1% of women and 6.3% of men said last year had been to Indoor tanning center. Most indoor tanning women who live in the Midwest or South, and the use of free drying type, spray tanning products. Studies have shown that less likely to use indoor tanning beds are older women who were less educated and those who earn less, these people were more likely to use sunscreen.

Men, the elderly and obese people are less likely to go to a tanning salon. In contrast, the use of spray tanning products and men living in cities were more likely to use indoor tanning.

Massachusetts General Hospital Dermatology Mathew M. Avram, MD, the fact is that type of tanning sun tanning wants to look like, whether the use of sunscreen type tanning products, indoor tanning or beach sunbathing.

One reason is that indoor tanning salon during the recession champion, perhaps because they are the Hamptons or St. Barts Happy winter (winter getaway) cheap way to kill time.

He said that people really care about their appearance, that tanning can make themselves look better.

[Failure to understand about indoor tanning and skin cancer message]
Asked if he knew the study of 821 people in the prevention of skin cancer, only 13.3% of women and 4.2% of men said, avoid tanning beds is one way to avoid skin cancer. Subjects generally know to use sunscreen, avoid the sun, wear a hat and other methods of prevention.

The authors wrote that focuses on indoor tanning beds increases the risk of skin cancer have been forgotten.

As for the reason, they think perhaps the people about the possible benefits of indoor tanning confused messages, for example, from an appropriate exposure to artificial UV rays can get vitamin D. Vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin, the body can be caused by sun exposure.

Therefore, they expressed the need for doctor-patient communication and media activities such as indoor tanning beds for adult advocacy of harm strategy to reduce the prevalence of indoor tanning American adults.

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Both indoor and outdoor tanning is bad

2007-05-01 12:52:33 by britknee

They are both bad and will cause cancer. I had Melanoma from from tanning beds and laying out in the sun. Maybe one day I can scan my pics of my scars from having my cancer dug out. I could not walk for 8 weeks and the scar of having my lymph nodes out with a nasty drain. I have scars every where now. I get at least 2 moles off every 3 months since I was dx with Melanoma at the age of 19. I am 21 now. I get scans every 3 months to make sure the cancer is not spreading to any of my organs. It is very scary when scan results come in. I just hope for the best. People dont take Melanoma seriously they think "oh it just skin cancer"

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