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Tanning beds cause infertility

Pregnant can sunbathe and artificial tanning?
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To many experts, not a good idea to tan - either to sunlight or artificial - regardless of being pregnant or not. Although beautiful, the tan is nothing more than an attempt to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, responsible for intensifying the effects of aging and also increase the risk of skin cancer. In the specific case of pregnant women, the skin is already sensitive and more susceptible to burns due to the higher level of estrogen and hormone called melanocytic that accelerate skin pigmentation. There is also risk of spots appear which can not always be removed after delivery.

"We asked women to protect the most sunlight with high efficiency protectors, hats and without exposing the skin directly, " says obstetrician Rosa Maria Ruocco, Hospital das Clinicas in Sao Paulo.

Sunglasses and these big guys are also a good resource to protect the face, along with the sunscreen (which should always be used, even for those who stay within indoor environments).

There are pregnant women develop dark spots on the face , known as chloasma, which is a sign that the skin reacts more than normal to sunlight and must preserve it. Chloasma may worsen both the natural tanning as with the artificial.

Another downside exposure to the sun for too long is a risk of dehydration, something bad for the woman and baby.

Regarding tanning in beds or booths, the truth is that there is little research on its effects in pregnancy. There is also no conclusive studies about exposure to the sun or to ultraviolet rays affect the fetus.

Some preliminary work has indicated that there may be a link between exposure to ultraviolet rays and a deficiency of folic acid . This is because folic acid can be decomposed into smaller parts by bright sunlight.

In the first weeks of pregnancy, sometimes before a woman knows she expects the baby, high levels of folic acid in the body help prevent neural tube defects in the embryo.

The wisest course is to avoid tanning until there is more evidence about its effects on the body and make sure that there are no risks. Enjoy walking or relaxing outdoors, focusing the sun's early morning and late afternoon and keeping well hydrated with plenty of water, coconut water or natural juices.

If you do not want to put up even become dark, the way is to appeal to the lotions autobronzeadoras applied in jet form or at home. Just be careful and do a test on a small patch of skin before moving the whole body (even if you have used the product before, since the skin during pregnancy is more vulnerable to irritation).

Use the product sparingly, following good results, as in pregnancy skin stain easier, and you can end up browning unevenly.

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