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Can tanning beds cause rosacea?

The bed is dust favorite hot as the sun is in addition to the hot wash - Medical Insurance

For people who are allergic to pollen, spring to go out as little as possible; However, some people will still be allergic to stay at home, the family in the end what allergens hidden in the corner, waiting for an opportunity to give your body some abnormal stress response? There is a hidden fabric curtains, carpets, wallpaper, open shelves, quilts, pillows, mattresses and other inside the "invisible" in arachnids arthropods, relying on the shedding of human skin epidermis living. It not only has its own hazards force, its corpse and excreta also induce allergic to the most common allergens, many allergic diseases such as allergic asthma, chronic urticaria, atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, an important incentive, it is the dust.

Dust is invisible tiny arthropods

Dust is an invisible 8 foot tiny arthropods, like spiders and crabs, "Long 170-500 microns wide and 250-320 microns, " but your body is likely to "feel" to it: "Dust main Through its metabolites, such as feces, dead bodies from the wreckage of the proteins are inhaled or in contact, triggering allergic allergic reaction. "

Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital, director of dermatology physician You Liping said, "If every house dust dust 100 grams, it can cause allergic diathesis in patients with atopic dermatitis and sensitization to dust in a state of positive serum specific IgE dust , is in the incubation period; dust per gram of house dust when the number more than 500, with higher risk of sensitization, and sufficient to induce skin rash, itching. "

"These allergic reactions, ranging from allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, eczema, dermatitis, etc.; weight can lead to nocturnal cough, severe asthma, and even recurrent laryngeal edema." Allergy Division, Union Hospital, chief physician Yin Jia professor said.

The bed is dust Favorites

"March is not the sun is a million insects to sleep with you, " so, once attracted wide attention on the Internet. "Bedroom is where insects breed with our most direct contact with the bed, is where the most dust."

YIN Jia said that people can not simply be judged by whether or not the home clean and dust much. In fact, more dust present in mattresses, bedding, cotton, pillow, instead of being regular cleaning of bed sheets, quilt, old pillow is not easy to clean mattresses, bedding, rarely clean wool, cotton carpet , heavy curtains are a breeding ground for dust.

Insects living environment suitable for the environment is very similar to human

"Insects survive the most suitable temperature is 22-30 degrees Celsius, humidity 70% -80% with a suitable environment we humans are very similar, and insects to humans and animals such as cats, dogs shed dander keratin for a living." You Liping said, which makes the dust to become invisible in our lives "symbiotic organisms."

"As long as there is a suitable temperature and humidity, dust, easy mattresses, Busha, long-haired clothes, stuffed toys, animal fur, carpets, Japanese-style tatami mats, old quilts, not timely cleaning cleaner survive and thrive . "You Liping said.

- Dust hazards

Acne or rosacea demodex related

"In daily life, if every shake bedding or finishing wardrobe immediately sneezing runny nose again and again;, or on a bed, sofa obvious when such symptoms occur, we should highly doubt whether dust allergies, symptoms can be told Doctors, again through an objective diagnosis. "Yin Jia said.

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First Time - Tanning Beds and Lotion

2008-07-22 08:24:10 by jennifer83

First of all, please only serious responses, I understand tanning beds are not the best for your health/skin so please do not reply if you're only going to be negative.
My dillemma is that I would like to start tanning in the beds. I did it once about 8-9 years ago however I ended up getting a rash up and down my arms. I believe it was from the lotion I used which could have created too much heat in my body combined with the tanning bed. Plus it was probably cheap stuff as it was a free sample from the salon. Every time I went into the sun after that the rash would flare up

The Best of the Area Poll Results Published  — Daily Union
With the same selection as 2012, American Wholesale remained in second, with the Wood Shed, Cambridge staying in third. Best Hair Salon .. Best Tanning Salon — With no changes since last year, readers preferred the beds at Tan-a-Latte in Jefferson.

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