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Beauty Days Zagreb - Exhibition 2014
Hot Tanning Bulbs and Wholesale Tanning Beds by Tanning Resources

Fair for cosmetics and personal care products Beauty Days is an international exhibition for cosmetics and personal care products and one of the largest events of its kind in Croatia. It brings the industry professionals under one roof including manufacturers and distributors of cosmetics and personal care products, supplier for hair and beauty salons, provider of tanning beds, fitness equipment, nutritional supplements and other products and services for health and well-being. The visitors can inform and attend various shows, training seminars, workshops and symposia on new products, such as comprehensive.

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First Time - Tanning Beds and Lotion

2008-07-22 08:24:10 by jennifer83

First of all, please only serious responses, I understand tanning beds are not the best for your health/skin so please do not reply if you're only going to be negative.
My dillemma is that I would like to start tanning in the beds. I did it once about 8-9 years ago however I ended up getting a rash up and down my arms. I believe it was from the lotion I used which could have created too much heat in my body combined with the tanning bed. Plus it was probably cheap stuff as it was a free sample from the salon. Every time I went into the sun after that the rash would flare up

The Best of the Area Poll Results Published  — Daily Union
With the same selection as 2012, American Wholesale remained in second, with the Wood Shed, Cambridge staying in third. Best Hair Salon .. Best Tanning Salon — With no changes since last year, readers preferred the beds at Tan-a-Latte in Jefferson.

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