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Concept. How does it really DHA tanning?

What is DHA?
DHA (dihydroxyacetone) is a derivative of sugar cane. It is an active 100% natural and totally harmless to the skin, which has been used for over 40 years for medical purposes.
Does the DHA tanning can produce some kind of allergic reaction?
The DHA is a large molecule to which it is impossible to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, ensuring safety and can only act in the most superficial layer.
How long does normally a tan?
The tan lasts between 5 and 10 days on average. Factors such as skin type, daily activities and care of the skin, cause the results to vary significantly from one person to another.
Why some people lasts less days?
The duration of the tan could vary for many reasons, skin type or habits of each one can modify significantly the duration of the tan. As an example we could say that PH up removing products with inadequate or detergent content in composition result in a shorter than usual.
Have you been to protect the hair in the application?
No, the DHA reacts with the hair or the body hair, so there has to be no special care in implementing unlike traditional tanning
Is it stain clothes?
DHA does not stain and which is not a dye or makeup, but in the first hours after application can be transferred to small particles of DHA clothing. DHA being the water-soluble component, is easily removed from natural fibers such as cotton.
Does the DHA has an odor?
No, the solution contains no perfume and no unpleasant smell normally associated with self-tanners. Unlike other solutions, the lotions that we use are completely odorless.
How often can make a session?
We recommend a session every 7 days. You can make as many sessions as you like, but we recommend exfoliation between sessions to completely remove any residue.
Why should the poor performance of compressor and airbrush tanning using?
Designed for painting nails and making tattoos, the use of airbrushes and compressors for tanning DHA is highly questionable, as they result in too much pressure spray in a narrow jet. When shooting large amount of product to much pressure and distance, airbrushes stain walls and wastes a lot of product. In the absence of a drying function, excess skin product on the stain clothing and generates very irregular results. They were the first equipment used for the application of DHA tan, nowadays have become completely obsolete due to its low performance and customer dissatisfaction I am told that DHA lotion dry skin a little, is it true? No Corpora DHA lotion is enriched with Retinol (Vitamin A) and Aloe Vera (natural moisturizer derived from the cactus), so we get nourish, moisturize and soften skin while the bronceamos.
Do pregnant women may be sprayed DHA?
Yes, in principle there is no risk to the mother, much less to the fetus. In any case, we always recommend a small test make contact with the product, and that pregnant women have a metabolism somewhat unpredictable, and often develop sensitivities to certain products.
What should I do immediately after a session?
It is essential not to shower or get wet, do not use any cream, makeup, cologne and avoid activities that may cause excessive sweating in the following 8h. Past is time and before any of the activities described has to shower first.
Can I take the sun after a DHA tanning session?
Yes, you can sunbathe, once elapsed at least 6-8h and after taking the first shower to remove any excess. In any case, remember that is not protected against solar radiation, since the DHA activates the production of melanin, so you should continue to use your usual sunscreen.

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This works for me

2003-06-06 08:24:12 by andIhavepsoriasis

My nightly routine is to lather up the especially rough areas with baby oil. Then I've been using Curel Ultra Healing lotion over that and another dose right before bed. During the day I put Vitamin E all over the worst spots and then lotion all day (Curel, Eucerin). I also go to tanning booth for 10-15 minutes a time a few times a week and that also reduces the problem. I have been on psoriatic arthritis meds for several years now, plus the strongest psoriasis topicals and really this has worked the best so far. Good luck, I know the torture you're going thru! Baby oil in the bathtub and a nice long soak helps sometimes too

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