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Divas online "Sunscreen Cream vs. cabin

Tanning salons are less popular than before.Indeed,we hear so much about the harmful effects of tanning tubes,dermatologists are on a mission against tanning beds and advocate total screens.What they do not tell you is that the abuse of the sun is harmful,but its absence too!Among other things,an exhibition called 'healthy' in the sun and especially well protected,with the production of vitamin D.Vitamin D works on almost everything.It prevents potential bone problems,it helps to bind calcium.It could include help reduce the risk of certain cancers,including breast cancer.It also helps to fight against many other diseases,this vitamin tend to strengthen the immune system in general.

But I'm not here to try to convince you to go get a Punta Neon package!I am against me asked yesterday and I decided to return it.Having already visited some large tanning salons in Quebec,I finally convinced to buy THE good cream that will give me the most beautiful tan without blushing,while protecting me. Often,and I'm not the only one,we finally pay prices as high as $ 75 + or even provide us with creams over $ 100!In return,we leave for Mexico and we do not invest more than a measly $ 20 for our sunscreen!And yet you get a good sunscreen you would have a nice even tan,keep it as long as possible,just like your good cream booth!When we explain to people the benefits of creams Esthederm,people are packed ... we told them it costs $ 96,they lose.Why do we fail to invest in our sunscreen when it comes to exposure 'natural' in the sun?

And I do not blame you,I was of those who made the jump when I was told the price of the cream Esthederm!Yes,a sunscreen is sunscreen!Ironically,I procurais creams in the $ 80 for my tan cane ... is that the committed Home tanning salon was more convincing?I do not think ... I guess I was not convinced.

Thomas that I am,I tried everything ... I tried creams Esthederm.To training,we talked about spray tanning UV INCELLIUM that activated melanogenesis and active tanning.Then,we are told,the more you put the cream often,the more you'll tan ... and put the activation cream and ends with your after-sun tan extender ... phew!It'll up a shopping cart that ... and I thought it was probably a marketing technique ... logically,the more I put cream over my pot runs out quickly and I'll buy!Allo!

First test: the shy sun Quebec ... I apply my UV INCELLIUM two weeks before the morning and evening after the shower ... Not easy because we see no benefit in it ... and then,on a beautiful sunny weekend,I decides to take the test!I will apply my UV INCELLIUM morning,my cream with 2 suns and a half hours,not to mention my activation cream (surgras).Honestly,after one weekend to the bacon on my mattress pool,I was convinced ... I'm back at work on Tuesday and my colleagues were astonished. I could honestly compare my tan than I would have gotten in a week in Mexico with a cream $ 15-20.

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Does self-tanning lotion give anyone a rash?

2006-12-04 18:58:15 by ILoveCL

I am very pale and like to use this from time to time. I'd used it in the past with good results but this past summer it gave me a horrible case of what seemed like psoriasis on my arms.
I stopped using it and the rash went away.
I switched brands and now I have a less severe but still annoying little rash on the tops of my hands.
Is there something in self-tanner that could cause an alergic reaction? Have any of your experienced something similar?
I look so much better with a bit of colour and I'm trying to do the right thing by staying out of the sun (or a tanning bed)

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