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To help understand the tanning techniques, selected some frequently asked questions about the applications and replied to you.
1 - What is the difference between jet and bronze tanning beds?
The lamps of tanning beds are like the rays: may also cause skin cancer, just as the sun taken in excess or in wrong times. The Ministry of Health does not approve of tanning beds, so much so that clinics had the machines were shut. Already brass jet is fully stated by doctors, especially by dermatologists and plastic surgeons, and approved by the Ministry of Health

2 - What is the preparation before the 'jet bronze'?
The customer will come washed, no cream or deodorant fragrance and even less, or totally clean skin. It would be interesting to do an exfoliation with loofah in the shower.

3 - How long is the session?
On average 20 minutes from application and drying.

4 - You should do the tanning swimsuits or fully nude?
Depends on taste. If the client is very white and go to the beach, the ideal would have come with your bathing suit to save the little mark that will be later. If the goal is a birthday, wedding or graduation, usually women wear dresses 'Tanks' on these occasions, and there are only panties.
In fact, the naked will not let the little mark, but it is also possible.

5 - How would the procedure after the 'jet bronze'?
After doing the tanning, the client can not bathe in eight (8) hours, as will the drying process. Usually customers do in the late afternoon, go home, sleep and take a shower the next day.

6 - How the client should proceed with doing pedicure, manicure and waxing along with the tanning?
The hair must be made at least 24 hours before. In the case of Manicure and pedicure can be done either before or after eight hours of drying the product in the body.

7 - It would be necessary to make a scrub before the 'jet bronze'?
Yes, you must. At home, in the bath or called "moon bath" made in aesthetic clinic, which exfoliates, whitens and moisturizes the skin to receive the "jet bronze". Can be made one day before the procedure.

8 - After the 'jet brass' that the client should wear clothes?
Ideal for women would be a good fluffy dress and flip-flops. For men, a pair of shorts without elastic waist, and a T-shirt larguinha a slipper. It's okay not to be fluffy sticking to skin.

9 - How many times can be made ​​'brass jet'?
Can be done once a week indefinitely, causing no damage or skin or health.

10 - The product used is natural?
Well, the one I use in the clinic, "Vick's" many years ago is for sure. It is made mainly from sugar cane with natural pigment in beets. More natural is impossible.

11 - When the tan is coming stain the skin?
The "jet bronze" is like a painting. As the customer takes a shower and rubs body, dark color tends to come out. And the tan fades unevenly. Therefore, it is important exfoliation or "moon bath" to discolor evenly, then it can be redone "jet bronze", if any customer will always be tan.

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Another angle

2011-05-11 13:58:48 by supermatt

Not knowing a lot about tanning beds -
how about a mobile tanning bed that could be carried or wheeled into the customer's home?
Here is why I don't think the van idea would work:
The concept would be:
(I'm assuming most clients would be women)
You expect women to lay down in a van for 15 minutes, basically naked and blindfolded.
It sounds like one of those situations where a woman is abducted and anyone who hears about it says, "what did she think was going to happen?".
I say think about a way to set up the bed in the home and leave it for hours so they can host a tanning party

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