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T-MAX MANAGER The T-Max ® Manager is a control unit for counter timers T-Max ® 3A. It can be connected with up to 64 T-Max ® 3A and control up to 64 units in a single salon tanning. It also works with the tanning beds are T-Max 3A. The display consists of two digit LED 8 along the top of T-Max ® Manager including a start / stop button and finished under each display. A vertical row of 8 LED indicates which bank of eight beds in use. The T-Max ® Manager can be used manually or be controlled by a PC using the popular tanning software today. Up to eight T-Max ® Manager and / or T-Max Manager Pro's can be connected in a single room. MANUAL T-MAX T-MAX MANAGER AND 3A

T-MAX 3A TIMER The T-Max ® 3A can function as an independent timer. The buttons up, down, and Start / Stop buttons allow easy control of your tanning bed. The bottom screw terminals provide flexible and easy cable. You can access all parameters, such as lamp hours, number of sessions, hours of bed, etc., and make changes to them in the T-Max ® 3A. All these features provide easy installation and inexpensive way to control a tanning bed from the counter of your living room. MANUAL T-MAX T-MAX MANAGER AND 3A

T-MAX MANAGER PRO The T-Max ® Manager Pro is a control unit counter timers for T-Max ® 3A and the T-Max ® 3A Intercom. It can be connected with up to 64 T-Max ® 3A and / or intercoms T-Max ® 3A to control up to 128 tanning units in a single room. It also works with tanning beds T-Max 3A compatible. The T-Max ® Manager Pro has 64 dual-colored lights showing bed status. A 16x2 display readable fluorescent (VFD) also shows the status of a particular bed. A key numeric keypad allows manual control of the session. The T-Max ® Manager Pro can be used manually or be controlled by a PC using the popular tanning software today. Up to eight T-Max ® Manager and / or T-Max Manager Pro's can be connected in a single room.

T-MAX MONITOR PLUS The T-Max ® Monitor Plus is a device that connects anywhere in the series of T-Max ® and displays the time and the status of up to 16 beds. Sixteen LED displays two digits to show the time remaining in minutes active sessions. The T-Max ® Monitor Plus also demonstrates the clean room and cool-down states. A dip-switch allows the salon owner select which bank of the 16 exhibits are displayed in the T-Max ® Monitor Plus, beds 1-16, 17-32, 33-48, 49-64, 65-80, 81-96, 97-112, and 113-128. You can connect as many T-Max ® Monitor Plus in one room as you want, while you take a break.


The T-Max Wireless AP-900 is compatible with each tanning unit in this catalog. If you want to use with older model bedding you can simply ask us. Remember that you need one for your T-Max Manager and one for each bed. You will also need a 110-volt outlet at each site where this tanning bed. The T-Max Wireless is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your salon.
Advantages of T-MAX Wireless:
• Eliminates cables running from T-Max Manager and each T-Max 3A that are connected in series.
• No need to buy any RJ22 Cable.
• No cost for cable installation and are not needed.
• Additional equipment can be added outside the operation of other cables.
• The diagnostic troubleshooting is simplified by 80%.
• The most important thing is that the malfunction of equipment does not interfere with the rest of the other teams.
• Avoid electrical damage due to power outages and the ups and downs of energy, etc..

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