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Is it safe to use tanning beds?

An expert in protection against radiation discussed the use of tanning beds as "a radiation exposure experiment on an industrial scale, involving large segments of the population of northern Europe and of America. "Nearly 10% of the population of Northern Europe regularly use tanning beds for cosmetic reasons. The radiation from tanning beds can have the same adverse health effects as those of the sun, especially among regular users with fair skin. In this context, it is of great concern in the UK about 40% of users of tanning beds have clear skin. The same study indicated that 20% of respondents subjected to more than 100 sessions per year and 5% had used these beds for 15 to 20 years.

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2007-10-27 13:02:25 by curlyjohn

Tanning Beds are great at providing Ultra Violet engergy to your skin. Unfortunately they are more powerful providers of UV-B light than actual sunlight. UV-B is the type of energy that causes sunburn in skin.
UV-A radiation is the type that passes the top layer of skin and penetrates deeper into your body causing the components of your skin that give it its springiness and structure to break down. This leads to pre-mature aging by creating wrinkles.
In addition there are other nasty things that your skin does to react to this exposure - producing the brown color (melanin) is one of those

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