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Indiana Park - Fratta Terme (FC)
Downtown 3 Bedroom Apartment Indiana | Mitula Homes

Welcome to the Indiana Park!

Indiana Park is the last created under the adventure parks of Romagna, but he is a leader for the variety and number of courses. In Indiana Park you will find great ways in the air and climbing area with treetop trails are at different heights, which are implemented with ropes, nets, bridges, zip lines, bridges and thousands of other products! You will experience strong sensations and feel truly in harmony with nature. All this with the highest standards of safety! Today rings with diamonds from PIERRE Jewellery buy online with free delivery. Premium Service - order now in USA.

And this is by far not everything ...
, You are a large multi-purpose park outdoors find (6 ha), with two summer pool, solarium, baby park, inflatable play equipment, lighted fields for soccer and side football, beach volleyball, beach tennis, a tower with three climbing walls and - absolutely NEW! - The Tower POWERFAN to fully secure the adrenalin rush of a jump from 13 meters into space to experience. You will also discover the cheap subscriptions, group discounts and various agreements.


An efficient team consisting of experienced and specialized in these particular activities coaches will be entirely at your disposal to provide you with the necessary instructions and advice on the safe exercise of the completely different course.

Briefing Points

The adventure begins! Of our team members will get seat belt, helmet, rope pulley, gloves and snap hook. Then you will be instructed in the instructions required to start, technical and practical. All you need sportswear and gym or trekking shoes.

Games and adventure surrounded by nature!
On application of the Indiana Park also offers educational activities for schools of all grades, team-building events for companies, summer camps and group activities. The park is the ideal setting in which to organize special events, sports, cultural and social events. Thanks to the wide open spaces and the motel he was brilliant suitable for birthday parties and themed events.

The Park

The Parco delle Terme della Fratta extends to 13 hectares at the foot of the hill on which Bertinoro "The City of hospitality and so-called terrace of Romagna" rises. It is located only a few kilometers away from the blue sea and giving the well-being thermal springs, surrounded by ancient, arts and history and rich villages and rolling hills, which is generous for viticulture and famous for its delicacies of fine cuisine.

In the heart of the forest, the lush nature to an infinite variety of plants such as maples, pines, Zitronatzitronenbäume, birches, oaks, sycamores, pines and magnificent redwoods.

In the undergrowth beside the usual flowers blooming wonderful wild orchids and cyclamen special.
Undisturbed live deer, squirrels, rabbits, foxes, badgers, hedgehogs, dormice, hedgehogs and martens, the sky, and between the branches flying woodpeckers, magpies, robins, kestrels, buzzards, young hawks, owls, hoopoe and rare species such as the scops owl and the oriole.

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I tan about 2X per week for just a few min

2006-11-03 11:21:19 by va_is4lovers

And I look for:
Location (something within 5 min of my home/work/gym)
Pricing (no more than $40 a month or $6 per session)
Cleanliness, not having to wait for the beds to be cleaned when I get in and not having to clean them myself!
bed availability
newness of beds/bulbs and some type of variety in bed strength
being able to get in and out quickly without staff ques...d literally next door to my apartment but I stopped going there because the guy always wanted to give me suggestions and I couldn’t just run in and out in 15 min! It was sooo annoying!
Towels/wet wipes are nice to have available for free
And of course, full length mirrors in the bed so I can see how much color I got!
Also, doors that lock!
Sorry, more than 3.....

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