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Sunlamps, tanning or natural tanning fast?
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Tanned all year round. This seems to be the desire of many of the Italians who regularly attend beauty salons and sun in the different seasons of the year looking for a tan that can give an aesthetic look nice and currently all the rage.

But solar lamps are all safe?

What precautions you need to take to prevent it may cause harm to the health of the skin?

That the exposure to sun lamps will be safe for the skin it is necessary that the first artificial tanning equipment are up to standard, why are indispensable controls and regulations that regulate the activity of this sector continues to grow, it is important to also and in beauty salons and sun there is professionally trained staff are able to inform and advise consumers on how exposure. It is also crucial that each consumer make choices based on the type of photosensitivity and take all the individual behaviors is recommended before exposure to the sun and sunlamps summer or winter in the mountains.

To address this journey to discover the different ways to get a tan, so we decided to compare the characteristics of a natural tan with that obtained by sun lamps or tanning fast, trying to understand the main differences or common risks.

Sunlamps and risks to the health of the skin

According to many experts, dermatologists and researchers, excessive exposure to sun lamps tanning, especially at a young age, it can cause serious consequences to the skin. The worst risks were to enhance the formation of skin cancer, even in aggressive and dangerous forms are just as melanomas. These are the considerations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

If the repeated and constant use of sunlamps begins before the age of thirty, the risk of melanoma increases by as much as 75%.

Beds or tanning booths?

Solar lamps for tanning are divided into two main types:

Cots allow the client to lie down and sunbathe on one side of the body first and then, turning over on the couch, on the other side. The solar showers, more and more requests, instead allow a tan uniform throughout the body as the customer enters the shower room, similar to the shape and size to those of a classic shower, and receives the rays simultaneously on the entire surface of the body .

There are also lamps of smaller size that are used generally only for the face, but they are used more like home and it is increasingly difficult to find in beauty centers because they allow a tan only a partial part of the body.

Solar lamps are all the same?

The equipment for tanning beds are of two types:

  • UV fluorescent
  • Uv-A high pressure

In the first type of equipment the radiation is given by the composition of the salts fluorescent (fortiori), while in the second case the lamps contain mercury vapor and metal halide. The radiation that are emitted by these machines are UVC, UVB, Grape, visible and infrared. The intensity and the radiation power of Uva sunlamps high pressure can be up to 5 or 10 times greater than those solar.

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My routine

2009-01-17 09:02:29 by Dlsgirl220

I get up at 6:30 every morning except weekends. I clean the house, workout for atleast 30 mins. then I hop in the tanning bed and take a shower, after all is done it is time for my step-kids to get home and then back to cleaning. I stay busy but still have no energy. This is an every day routine and I dont know why I never have energy. I dont get results.

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