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Obama wins and celebrates with his family to Chicago
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It took four hours to close the game. Obama wins the election and remains in the White House. The success is a difficult if not impossible: he won in all the states where it was imposed in 2008, losing only to the Indiana and North Carolina. The 'X now takes a little after 5 am in Italy: Obama exceeds the hight of the 270 electors (out of a total of 578) and take home the victory. Even if there is no official confirmation spend a few minutes and the president explodes with joy and publish a photo on Twitter, and his wife, Michelle, joined in an embrace full of meaning. Within a short time ago that picture around the world and is the most retwittata ever. The President sculpts, so the result on social networks. And with the picture rod a short message. Simple, direct, without delay: "Four More Years (four more years.) You have made it possible. Thank you." Dead silence in the headquarters of Romney in Boston. Only after two hours the candidate repubbliano admits defeat and, technically, "gives victory" for Obama, putting an end to any possibility of appeal (the spectrum of disputes in 2000, in Florida, is still alive in the U.S.).

"For America the best is yet to come, " the president said in a firm voice, on stage at his headquarters in Chicago, in front of the crowd of supporters who cheered him. Then honors his challenger and congratulated him for the "hard-fought election campaign." It does more. He says he would like to work with him: "Together for the country. We fought fiercely because we both love this country and we have much to heart his future. Romney's family has chosen to give back what has been committed to this country. Therefore invite you to applaud their efforts. In the coming weeks I will try to meet with him to see how we can work together for this country. " And he continues: "I have heard and it was you who make me a better president. Your struggles make me come back to the White House stronger and more inspired than before."

"Our economy is recovering, " said flaunting safety. Then he promises that it will work to find "those compromises necessary to lead the country forward." And he announces his plan to work: "I will work with the leaders of both parties to address the challenges that we can only solve together." We will succeed with half against Congress? We'll see. Of course, Obama has an advantage: it has two years of time (before the midterm elections) for imparting a strong turn to his presidency. Will no longer have the hassle of re-election and, for this reason, may impose more forcefully their own choices. Although they will do it, clear, moving a bit 'in the middle, groped for a convergence - minimum - with the republicans. Otherwise everything will remain locked.

At one point, Obama cleverly touches the strings of rhetoric. It does so with a hint to the profound values ​​of the country stars and stripes, "We believe in an America generous, compassionate, tolerant. Ai dreams of the daughters of immigrants and the guy on the street in Chicago we can not deny the opportunity. I have heard and you who make me a better president. Your struggles make me come back to the White House stronger and more inspired than before.'s economy is improving. It is ending a decade of conflict and our military campaign is coming to an end. " Inevitable - and expected - a reference to the American military in the world: "There are people in distant lands who are fighting for us to have the freedom to discuss our ideas. Our country is defended by the best troops that the world has ever known ". At the end of the speech go on stage - and join Michelle, Sacha and Malia, even Joe Biden and his family. A shower of confetti covers all while ringing notes of Bruce Springsteen. In the end to win the elections in America was also the Boss, with his guitar and his distinctive raspy voice. And his " No Surrender ", which in 2004 brought bad luck to John Kerry, this time hit the mark.

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Kerry's tan fiasco an international incident-2

2004-09-30 14:08:52 by orange-alert

The tan was so obvious that the Kerry camp, which really wants to get back to debating the big issues, such as war, was forced to explain it. They said Senator Kerry got the tan at a football match. The New York Post didn't buy it, nor did anybody else. Dr Ted Daly, of Garden City Dermatology, said: "Wow! That is a tan. From a tanning salon."
The New York Sun said Senator Kerry's "sudden, or... Me, who said: "It's an artificial tan. They went a little overboard."
So why did Senator Kerry - or, more likely, his handlers, since it's difficult to imagine the senator slathering the stuff on, not least because it would also leave him with orange palms - do it?
Probably because he has to face an audience of 70 million people this morning (Australian time) and wanted to look his best

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