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"Tanning Mom", an American accused of causing tanning her daughter
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Patricia Krentcil , 44, blonde skin almost black to tan force appeared Wednesday in court in Newark, near New York, for endangering the health of his six year old girl, apparently burned in a room tan in April. The American mother, who pleaded not guilty, said regular attendance and long tanning salons on CBS television.

"It is tan with Mom, but not in the cabin"

The alert was given by the child's school last week when the girl complained of burns. Patricia Krentcil, immediately stopped was finally released after paying bail of $ 2, 500 . In a television interview on the channel CBS , this mother of five admitted that she "loved to sunbathe." However, she said that her daughter, red-skinned, had been burned playing outside on a sunny day. "All this is ridiculous, " she said, adding that if his daughter sometimes went to the tanning salon, she never went with her in the cabin. "I will not allow it. This does not happen ... It is six, yes, she is tan with Mom, but not in the cabin, " he assured the mother.

For its part, the salon owner, who was not worried, said the girl remained outside with her ​​father and had not come into the cabin while her mother was there actually well that day. In New Jersey, a law prohibits access to a tanning salon to persons under 14.


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Kerry's tan fiasco an international incident-2

2004-09-30 14:08:52 by orange-alert

The tan was so obvious that the Kerry camp, which really wants to get back to debating the big issues, such as war, was forced to explain it. They said Senator Kerry got the tan at a football match. The New York Post didn't buy it, nor did anybody else. Dr Ted Daly, of Garden City Dermatology, said: "Wow! That is a tan. From a tanning salon."
The New York Sun said Senator Kerry's "sudden, or... Me, who said: "It's an artificial tan. They went a little overboard."
So why did Senator Kerry - or, more likely, his handlers, since it's difficult to imagine the senator slathering the stuff on, not least because it would also leave him with orange palms - do it?
Probably because he has to face an audience of 70 million people this morning (Australian time) and wanted to look his best

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