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Solariums, despite skin cancer risk still high in demand - Health
Tom Graves: Women hit by tanning bed tax | Political Insider

Although researchers have been trying for years to educate about the risks of tanning beds, it requires a coordinated approach against the use of tanning beds.

"Skin cancer causes more deaths than any other skin cancer in the U.S., there are 9, 000 deaths per year, " says Meg Watson of the Cancer Prevention Center in Atlanta . Solariums are a risk factor for skin cancer. The solarium users are mainly young women: In the U.S., a third of women tan 18 to 21 years over 27 times a year.

Young women as primary users

In Germany, the typical "Good-users" of tanning beds, especially in women aged 18 to 25 years. Sven Schneider of the Mannheim Institute of Public Health, University of Heidelberg , the so-called "Sun Study, " written for the user behavior of Solari goers. What shocked the researchers: Minors claimed to have used in the past twelve months sunbeds. The operators in Germany are obliged to prohibit youth access to tanning beds.

3, 500 documented cases of cancer

The experts already know at least since 2009, that regular Solari transitions can lead to skin cancer. Of each year nearly 64, 000 new melanoma cases in 18 Western European countries were about 3, 500 are demonstrably attributable to the use of tanning beds. "In the 1980s, a trend has come up, the hype is not over yet - there solariums have been classified by the WHO in 2009 as carcinogens, " says RĂ¼diger Greinert, head of the Laboratory of Cell Biology at the Dermatology Center Buxtehude and Gene Real secretary of EUROSKIN , pressetext over.

Myth "UV-free irradiation"

The solarium industry advertises, however even with "free UV irradiation", which is a misinformation. "Meanwhile, the industry even advertises the fact that tanning beds should not be genutz to cosmetic, but to health purposes, " states Greinert echauffiert. When UV radiation must be used therapeutically, which belong to a clinic and not in an industry that is Operating the 400-euro jobbers.

Radiation as at the equator

"Although the staff of tanning beds should be trained personnel in accordance with applicable law, but that is insufficient checks, " says Greinert. There is a law in Germany since 2009 to tanning beds: Children under 18 should not use the equipment and tanning beds may emit 0.3 watts per square meter. The sun is a strength that exists at the equator with blue sky at midday, "This is too much, " says Greinert. He also called for a supranational regulation and education. (Pte Austria)

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2004-03-23 17:05:29 by sunjunkie

I am trying to find the best tanning salon in SF, yet I am having difficulties. Does anyone have any recommendations? I am looking for an actual UV type bed, not the mist spray-on type tan. The kind that offers 100% (or close) UVA and has NEW bulbs. I have been to one in the Marina area and it was expense and I found out from a customer there they have not changed some bulbs in over a year and a half!!! Help me fellow tanners with what you think is the best!!

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